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American River Choke Free Tuxedo Harness With Interchangeable Bows




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Our brand new American River Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness Tuxedo with 4 Interchangeable Bows combine the look of our best-selling Classic Dog Tuxedo and our line of popular American River Choke Free Harnesses.

This dog tuxedo harness features a white chest front with a lapel design and buttons down the front. This harness comes with four interchangeable bows that can be fastened to the bow tie attachment to seamlessly change a different style. The bow tie colors/styles include Black, Red, Black/Silver Diagonal Stripe and Maroon/Silver Diagonal Stripe.

This harness makes it easy for your dog to dress for a formal event, whether that includes weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, or any other event you can think of!

Unlike traditional dog harnesses, our unique American River Ultra Choke Free dog harnesses are designed with the safety of your pet completely in mind. Traditional harnesses are made in such a way that the cut is often too high up the neck area. This can cause safety issues when your pet attempts to get loose, tightening around the dog’s neck and potentially damaging neck muscles such as the trachea or even causing suffocation.

American River Ultra Choke Free dog harnesses are designed in such an innovative way that it’s completely choke free and pulls exclusively from your dog’s chest. Our patented conforming shape fit seam technology causes the harness to adjust to your dog’s chest curve, avoiding potential neck injuries with alternate harnesses. This product is also equipped with our patented webbing slide adjustment which allows enough room to adjust the size of the harness up to 3 inches. The latter feature is especially convenient to dog owners who groom their pets and often struggle with their furry friends growing out of their harnesses. Our flexible velcro closure gives you 3 inches of wiggle room to work around that problem.

Unlike other harnesses where you have to struggle to uncomfortably place it over your dog’s head, the American River harness allows your dog to simply step into it. You can then velcro it around his or her back. It’s specifically designed to be a no fuss, simple, safe and secure process. Strength tested up to 386 lbs. by an International Independent Testing Laboratory.

This product is made of a polyester/cotton fabric blend and is washing machine safe.

Quick product details:

  • 4 interchangeable bows with easy attachments
  • Button design down the chest
  • Choke free design
  • Easy step-in design
  • Made of poly/cotton blend

How to properly determine your dog’s chest size: Use a tape measure from behind the front legs to around the deepest point of your dog’s chest to determine a perfect fit. If you do not have a tape measure, you may use this method with a piece of string and lay it next to a ruler or yardstick to get an idea of his or her chest size.

Important Note: The sizes listed below are supplied by the manufacturer. Since this harness tends to run a size too small, we recommend choosing the next size up when ordering.

Size Chest (Most Important) Approx. Pet Weight
XX-Small 9-11 inches 2-3 lbs.
X-Small 11-13 inches 4-6 lbs.
Small 13-16 inches 6-11 lbs.
Medium 16-19 inches 11-16 lbs.
Large 19-21 inches 16-25 lbs.
X-Large 21-24 inches 25-40 lbs.
XX-Large 24-27 inches 40-50 lbs.
XXX-Large 30-33 inches 60-90 lbs.

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