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Blue Comic Book Sound Effects Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar

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Product Description

This fun 1″ wide adjustable dog collar features an ensemble of iconic superhero sound effects, just like in the comic books! Colorful sound effect speech bubbles on this collar include “Pow!,” “Bang!,” “Zap!,” “Wham!” and more. This collar, made of durable nylon for your pet’s comfort, comes with a high-quality ribbon overlay design. Attached to the collar is a high-quality metal D-ring that seamlessly attaches to any dog leash.

It also features a heavy-duty adjustable slide for the ideal custom fit, which makes it a perfect accessory both adults and growing puppies.

This collar is available in two adjustable sizes: medium and large. Please measure your dog’s neck and take a look at our size chart below prior to purchasing to ensure you’re choosing the right size.

How to properly determine your dog’s neck size: Measure around the center of your dog’s neck where the collar sits using a tape measure. If you do not have a tape measure, you may use this method with a piece of string and lay it next to a ruler or yardstick to get an idea of his or her neck size. There should be no room between the measuring tape and the neck, but the tape shouldn’t be pulled around so tightly that it’s choking your pet. Add 2 inches to the measurement to determine your dog’s neck size.

Size Chart:

Size Neck Width
Medium Adjustable to fit 10-18 inches 1″
Large Adjustable to fit 18-26 inches 1″
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This adjustable dog collar is also available in the color pink.

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